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Bowen Technique, NST and Homeopathy

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Below are some useful links to other websites concerning holistic health – The Bowen Therapy Professional Association, with further information about Bowen Technique plus “Find a Therapist” in the UK and Europe. – To find a wide variety of other holistic therapies and therapists who are based near you, or in other parts of the UK. – To find a homeopath near you registered with 3 different UK registering bodies. – Further information regarding the vaccination question and health, helping you to make an informed choice for you and your family. – A website with a wide variety of information about holistic health from Patrick Quanten MD. – Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy. Information about remedies and natural ways to resolve troublesome symptoms, ring and speak to a homeopath, order via their online shop. – Dr Jayne Donegan, an experienced GP who works for the NHS, as well as privately, who has written many useful articles and guides to health with practical and supportive treatment on childhood and adult diseases. She is also a Homeopathic Physician with a special interest in vaccination and has carried out extensive independent research. Useful, too, for practical advice regarding travel health.