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Bowen Technique, NST and Homeopathy

Client Reviews – Homeopathy

High Blood Pressure & Varicose Veins

“I have varicose veins which give me problems from time to time, plus bad circulation; during a routine “well woman” check up at the doctor’s I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure.  Kate prescribed various homeopathic remedies that have, over time, stabilised my blood pressure – with no side effects – and my varicose eczema has healed beautifully.” AB

Pregnancy Pain and Discomfort

“I have been seeing Kate for a number of months during my fourth and difficult pregnancy. Initially I was recommended to try Bowen therapy for my back pain which had progressed to quite severe pelvic girdle pain. I can honestly say I have seen so much improvement in all areas of my well-being- physically I am more mobile and the pain has decreased, emotionally Kate has helped me work through different feelings, and I feel in control.

Her knowledge as both a Bowen therapist and homeopath means she addresses your health in many different ways. Kate takes the time to talk to you and personalises your sessions and homeopathic medicines. I am so glad I found Kate because without her support I would have not experienced such relief.

The therapy itself is so very gentle that you cannot believe the impact it has. Kate is professional, kind, caring and really invests her energies into your wellness. The price she charges for what you get is unbelievable. I will continue to see Kate regularly and I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Kate.”  EH

Bowel Problems

“I have had a ‘runny tummy’ since I was a baby – I’m now 56!  Prescribed medication did not help so I learned to live with it.  When I came to Kate she prescribed a number of remedies and over a period of about six months a dramatic improvement resulted which has since been maintained.  I’m thrilled.” CB

Recurring Infections

“When I first consulted Kate I was honest about my scepticism of homeopathy but I was keen to explore a way out what felt like a constant cycle of antibiotics for recurrent water infections and throat infections.  Kate was understanding and to my surprise and delight the homeopathy dealt with not just these recurrent problems but also hay-fever!  Kate’s approach has helped me work with my body through the stresses and strains of the ups and downs of day to day life to find wellbeing and health.” DW


“I have suffered with bouts of cystitis since my early twenties, and consequently have had lots of antibiotics from the doctor.  I tried changing my diet and drink which has helped a bit, but I got fed up with it all.  After going to see Kate she gave me a remedy to take which cleared it completely.  I rarely get a UTI these days but if I do, then I just reach for the remedies.” FS

IBS Problems & Joint Pain

 I came to Kate through a search on the internet, and whilst having had some experience of alternative therapies, I remained somewhat sceptical. I must say that my scepticism has been completely quashed, along with an amazing improvement in the symptoms which instigated the initial contact. 

Kate is very easy to “work” with, and she comes with the double benefit of not only being well versed in the Bowen technique but also is an experienced homeopath. For me this has been an unexpected bonus, and by putting together the two disciplines Kate offers so much more. I am convinced that it is the combination of both the Bowen ‘moves’ and the remedies that have given me a much improved lifestyle, enabling me to be more active and feel much healthier. Well done, Kate – keep it up.  SM


“Having been diagnosed with clinical depression about 10 years ago I had been treated by my GP with a standard anti-depressant which can become addictive and have some nasty side effects.  Whilst consulting Kate for a totally different problem, the anti-depressants subject came up and we discussed a homeopathic equivalent.

After much consideration I finally agreed (that’s the addiction side effect!) and she supplied me with a remedy which has worked so well that my GP has decided that I am no longer ‘clinically depressed’. Thank you Kate.” LM

Hay Fever

“I suffer with hay fever for 3-4 months every year. Kate gave me some remedies that cleared up my sneezing, streaming eyes and headaches – without the side effects that anti-histamines always give me, it was such a relief.” JD

Metallic Taste in Mouth

“My mother had a nasty metallic taste in her mouth for several years, a side effect of prescription drugs she was taking. It then became so dry that her lips would stick to her teeth; it was unbearable for her.  Kate prescribed some homeopathic remedies and within a week the nasty taste had gone and her mouth was moist once more.” FB


“I had a ganglion on the top of my wrist, which had been getting gradually larger for 4 years.  I had been advised by the doctor to have it removed by way of an operation.  However, after a consultation Kate gave me a homeopathic remedy which I took for 2 weeks and the ganglion reduced down to half its size, then after a further 2 weeks completely disappeared.  It was such a relief not to have to have an operation.” JB