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Bowen Technique Drop-in & Taster Day 2017 Report

International Bowen Therapy Week 2017 –  Friday, 28th April

This year’s celebration of International Bowen Therapy week was held at Bec’s Coffee in St Mary’s Street, Bridgnorth where members of the public were invited to drop in for a free chat with Kate Fullerlove, a local Bowen Technique therapist who works from 3 Listley Street, in the centre of Bridgnorth, Shropshire.  The free Bowen Drop-in & Taster day went wonderfully and many people dropped in to find out more about this excellent therapy – and several tried out a short Bowen ‘taster’ treatment session with Kate too.

Discount voucBowenDropInDay2hers were available for future treatments with Kate, a raffle was held, and those who had taster treatments gave donations towards the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund (UK), a charity which supports children with disabilities.  A total of £50 was raised for the fund.

Kate said that she was delighted with the turn out but was sorry not to have had enough time to speak to all the people who called in to support her, including current and past clients.  She also said that the staff at Bec’s, including Bec herself, did a wonderful job and kept everyone very happy with excellent coffees, cakes and other refreshments!  “Upstairs at Bec’s is a gem of a place in which to hold such events”, said Kate, “the whole coffee shop has a lovely welcoming energy and I was very pleased that so many people called in to discover more about this superb therapy.

Kate is a full member of the Bowen Therapy Professional Association which is an autonomous non-profit making organisation run by Bowen Therapists for Bowen Therapists. Amongst other things, the association provides a Constitution, Ethics and Code of Practice to help its members work professionally, as well as promoting Bowen Therapy through funding and attending conferences and exhibitions.  This also helps to spread the word.  The BTPA also organises ‘Bowen Study programmes’, to help provide more evidence of how it can help people re-find a good level of health and well-being, plus they provide lots of interesting information through social media and press articles.

Click on this link to visit the Bowen Therapy Professional Association website. At the bottom of the home page you will also find an article from the Shropshire Review which is a write up by the editor of Bowen treatment that she received from Kate Fullerlove.