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Bowen Technique, NST and Homeopathy

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    Naturally Rejuvenating

    The idea of gently helping the body to heal itself over time, stimulating the body to "re-balance" and heal itself, addressing the root cause of the physical, mental or emotional symptom or problem.

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    Wellbeing For All!

    From children to adults, sportsmen & sportswomen, pregnant mums, babies, the elderly, and frail.
    It can also bring relief for those suffering with long-term pain & illness.

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    Patient Success Stories

    Read inspirational testimonials from our patients and discover the power of Bowen for yourself.

Welcome to Bowen Technique Shropshire
"Bowen Technique, NST and Homeopathy"

Kate Fullerlove, a qualified Bowen Technique, NST Practitioner and Homeopath, is available for Bowen Technique treatments in her new location in central Bridgnorth at 3 Listley Street, just off the High Street on the first floor. Bowen Technique is a remarkable, non-invasive, holistic treatment used to treat the whole body. It is very effective for easing specific pain and re-aligning the imbalances of the body without manipulation, at the same time restoring and replenishing the energy of the individual.

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About Kate

Kate Fullerlove is a BTPA member and Bowen Technique & NST Therapist located in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. She has been practising Bowen for over 8 years.

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What To Expect

What can you expect and what do we offer from each of our therapies. Read our handy guide today and we'll make it clearer for you.

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Contact Kate

I would love to tell you more about our therapies and arrange your next session. It's so easy to get in touch with me.

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