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Bowen Technique, NST and Homeopathy

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    Naturally Rejuvenating

    The idea of gently helping the body to heal itself over time, stimulating the body to "re-balance" and heal itself, addressing the root cause of the physical, mental or emotional symptom or problem.

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    Wellbeing For All!

    From children to adults, sportsmen & sportswomen, pregnant mums, babies, the elderly, and frail.
    It can also bring relief for those suffering with long-term pain & illness.

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    Patient Success Stories

    Read inspirational testimonials from our patients and discover the power of Bowen for yourself.

Welcome to Bowen Technique Shropshire
Treatments during the Covid-19 lockdown period

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 government social distancing rules, I have been unable to treat clients with Bowen Technique since the beginning of lockdown. Like all other Bowen Therapists, I am sure I will be able to re-start treatments shortly now it is the beginning of July. I will update my website as soon as we get the all clear to treat once more. Thank you for your understanding, I look forward to seeing you soon.

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About Kate

Kate Fullerlove is a BTPA member and Bowen Technique & NST Therapist located in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. She has been qualified in Bowen since 2010.

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What To Expect

What can you expect and what do we offer from each of our therapies. Read our handy guide today and we'll make it clearer for you.

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Contact Kate

I would love to tell you more about our therapies and arrange your next session. It's so easy to get in touch with me.

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Patient Success Stories

“I went to see Kate for Bowen treatment for a long standing back injury which was starting to impact on other parts of my body, i.e. hip joint. It was not uncommon for my back to seize about once every two months. I have seen Kate for a few sessions over a period of months and I have not had any reoccurrence of my back problems. I found Bowen therapy to be very gentle especially compared to other back therapies I have had, i.e. osteopathy, and I feel like Bowen treats the whole self not just the immediate symptoms.”

KA, Bridgnorth

“I received Bowen therapy from Kate Fullerlove whilst I was suffering from intense localised pain from a long term kidney condition. My energy levels were depleted, I felt frequently tired and was low in spirit. “The Bowen technique was a revelation! This subtle and non-intrusive therapy had a profound effect; lessening pain, balancing my overall energy and relieving the tiredness. My posture improved and I even began sleeping better. In all honesty Bowen therapy helped me feel happier again! “Kate is a wonderful therapist – clear and attentive, with an inquiring mind and a true passion for helping others. I would wholeheartedly recommend both her and the Bowen technique”

TB, Stourbridge

“I had a very painful bout of Plantar Fascitis which I just couldn’t seem to shift and the pain was, by times, excruciating. I saw Kate for one Bowen treatment and felt a lot better the next day. I went back for a second session a week later and the pain was virtually gone and certainly much more manageable within a couple of days of that second session. I’m not sure how Bowen works, but it certainly does!”

AO, Bridgnorth