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Bowen Technique, NST and Homeopathy

About Kate

Kate Fullerlove has been passionate about alternative therapies since her early twenties and has been running a successful practice in central Bridgnorth for more than 6 years now. “Word-of-mouth” recommendations from her patients, more than anything else, have kept her busy.  She has recently movedKateFullerlove03 to a new therapy room in Listley Street, just off the High Street, where there are also 2 handy car parks.

Kate is a Bowen Technique therapist, qualified with ECBS and an Advanced Practitioner of NST, a further form of Bowen. She says that she is so often impressed with the positive changes that patients experience, including an increased sense of well-being. Kate is also a full member of the Bowen Therapy Professional Association whose website shows an article published about her Bowen treatment in the Shropshire Review from April 2016. It appears at the foot of the home page, click here to view:

She appeared as the BTPA Blog Featured Therapist a couple of years ago where you can read more about how she first came across Bowen Technique: BTPA_Featured_Therapist_March_2015

Amongst other qualifications, Kate is a Homeopath and Flower Essence practitioner, qualified with the Lakeland College of Homeopathy.  She is a great believer in the body’s ability to heal and re-balance itself with the aid of holistic, alternative therapy; this belief has grown from all the evidence she has seen and experienced over the years.